09 August 2011

Winston is 4!!!!!!

I'm not really sure how this happened...my baby boy is 4!!!! He has had my heart from day one, and continues to recapture it each day. I love how inquisitive he is (although there are times when I get mentally tired from answering questions, but so thankful he is interested in finding out about things). We also have to let him know in advance of "glitches" in our routine. He is taking his role of big brother seriously, and is a great one - I can't wait to see him with 2 little brothers!

We celebrated our little man's big day by a Super Hero party at the park. It was a cooler day for April, but worked out well with little ones running around a lot. We actually stayed at the park an extra hour! He had so much fun playing with all of his friends...Queet and Granddaddy even brought cousin William all the way from Andalusia! We are so thankful to our sweet friends and family who spent the afternoon with us to celebrate!

Blowing out the candles on his birthday French toast (on his real birthday)

Sam working on his muscles at the party

Winston and his good buddy, Mark

Sweet Shepherd

Copeland was feeling the "superhero vibe"

John Henry, Sam, and Wynn enjoying some cupcakes

William, Winston, Mark, and Thompson

This is where we found Sam most of the time after the cupcakes came out :)

*SORRY this post is 4 months late!! Coming up: Easter, Sam's birthday, and summer highlights!

09 May 2011


This Spring we have started what will probably be the first of many seasons at the ballpark. Winston is playing 4 year old Tball, and he is loving every minute of it. On the way to his first game he said, "Mommy, are you excited?...I'm very excited!". Joseph has been helping in the field along with the coach and a couple of other dads. As you will notice, I don't have a lot of "action" shots during the game since I am busy trying to keep Sam content while his two favorite people are on the field :). It really is a fun outing for our whole little family!

20 April 2011


Hey everyone! Some of our best friends, Ben and Katie Compton, are in the process of adoption, and they are selling t-shirts to help with funds. They are ordering soon, and if you want one either reply here or email Katie at katiebcompton@gmail.com. Here is the design (they are $20 and come in adult, youth, and toddler sizes):

17 April 2011

Random Fun & Characters (a little late)

Even though the winter is not a fun time at our house because Daddy is gone a lot, we managed to keep ourselves busy (or they kept me busy :)). We made pizzas, Campbell came and brought yummy ice cream, we explored our artistic sides with paint, "fixed" the dining room table daily, and as February ended, Queet and Granddaddy came for a visit. We also headed down to Andalusia for the Meredith's Miracles Fifth Annual "Cookies with Characters". More posts coming...

Making pizza

The future Mr. and Mrs.


"Fixing" table like Handy Manny

"No more pictures!"

With Granny Fran waiting for characters to come out

LOVE Buzz and Woody, but not turning their backs on them :)

Three of a Kind!! (Sam, Winston, and William)

Ready to eat at Queet and Granddaddy's

Riding the "dack-der"

28 March 2011


is on the way!!! This happened a little sooner than we "planned", but we are very excited. My summer and 30th birthday plans look a little different now, but for good reason. I am currently around 10 weeks. I felt pretty crappy for about two weeks (nausea), but now I am fine, just really tired and a little indigestion. Winston and Sam are excited to have a new baby coming (really Winston since Sam doesn't really get it). Winston is convinced it's another boy because "we need 3 brothers". Anyway, just thought I would share our fun news. A fun post of Winston's first T-Ball game is soon to follow...

07 February 2011


We got what we went for!! :)

Oh, how good it feels to be on top! What a season. What a way to climb to the top and come out the winner! We flew out to Arizona on Sunday (January 9)morning...thankfully we got out since there was a bad ice/snow storm coming through. We landed in AZ that afternoon, and drove to our hotel in Scottsdale, with intentions of attending the "Tiger Talk" program, but it was way too packed to even get in so we met up with some friends in the Historic District of Scottsdale. We later met up with Hayley, her co-workers, Hunter, and Ginny for dinner. We called it a night since it was the Eve or our big day! Monday we were up and at 'em, and made it to Phoenix aroung lunch. It was as if it was an Auburn home game with all the orange and blue sprinkled with green and yellow. We strolled around, ate lunch, met up with different people, and then made our way to the stadium. Side note, my favorite moment of the weekend happened as Joseph and I were walking to the stadium. A handicapped, older Oregon man in a wheelchair couldn't make it over the curb, and without hesitating 4 Auburn guys picked him up over, not only that curb, but the final one he would need to get over! Wow! I had tears in my eyes, and was sad I didn't get my camera out in time. Anyway, Joseph and I were just giddy heading into the stadium. As for the game...what can I say? It was awesome! Joseph and I talked about how that was it...the top sporting moment of our life. Even when Auburn goes back to the National Championship, this was still an awesome moment with it being the first one in 53 years. The whole trip was just awesome! I loved spending that time, and making those memories with Joseph. WAR EAGLE!!!

By the way, thank you to Queet and Granddaddy for watching the boys, especially since Sam was developing an ear infection :( We love y'all!!

The stadium!
Hunter, Ginny, Me, and Joseph
Me and Joseph
Ginny, Hayley, and Me (at an Andalusia "reunion"-style gathering in the Renaissance Hotel)
Joseph and Me before the game (of course we went into the stadium the moment they opened the doors:))
Our team is ready to play
The KICK...We Are #1!!
Let the celebration begin!!!
The security officers to protect the field were on horseback (guess that's when you know you're out West)
Coach Chizik
Big Nick (Defensive Player of the Game!)
Ben Chappell and Joseph (they were sitting in our section)
Highlight of our sport-viewing careers!!!! We had a blast...WAR EAGLE!!!