09 August 2011

Winston is 4!!!!!!

I'm not really sure how this happened...my baby boy is 4!!!! He has had my heart from day one, and continues to recapture it each day. I love how inquisitive he is (although there are times when I get mentally tired from answering questions, but so thankful he is interested in finding out about things). We also have to let him know in advance of "glitches" in our routine. He is taking his role of big brother seriously, and is a great one - I can't wait to see him with 2 little brothers!

We celebrated our little man's big day by a Super Hero party at the park. It was a cooler day for April, but worked out well with little ones running around a lot. We actually stayed at the park an extra hour! He had so much fun playing with all of his friends...Queet and Granddaddy even brought cousin William all the way from Andalusia! We are so thankful to our sweet friends and family who spent the afternoon with us to celebrate!

Blowing out the candles on his birthday French toast (on his real birthday)

Sam working on his muscles at the party

Winston and his good buddy, Mark

Sweet Shepherd

Copeland was feeling the "superhero vibe"

John Henry, Sam, and Wynn enjoying some cupcakes

William, Winston, Mark, and Thompson

This is where we found Sam most of the time after the cupcakes came out :)

*SORRY this post is 4 months late!! Coming up: Easter, Sam's birthday, and summer highlights!

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